Mountain Sky Micro-Greens – Give Us the Numbers!

Mountain Sky Micro-Greens – Give Us the Numbers! OK, what about the MONEY?  The Cash! Mula! Mucho Dinero! So here’s the skinny.  This is as good as or better than some of our friends say the funny weed money is.  Yep, that’s what I hear.  So here goes. Here in Northern Colorado, we are paying anywhere from $300/ton or $0.15/lb. to $500/ton or $0.25/lb. for grass or grass/alfalfa mix hay.  Everyone thinks it will be going to...

You can buy Microgreen Fodder Flakes from Us!!

You can buy Microgreen Fodder Flakes from Us!! News Flash!! Donoma Si Feed in the Box is now selling individual microgreen fodder flakes from our northern Colorado.  Yes, individual flakes.  You do not have to buy a system or build a system.  Have a few rabbits – buy one flake a week.  Have a dozen chickens – buy one flake a day.  Have two horses – buy two flakes a day.  How cool is this? We are now a vending machine for...

Would You Like to Make Some Serious Money with Microgreen Fodder?

You can!! Yes you can, and not with the front-end cash needs you might imagine.  How does $10,000 up front, $2000 per month license/leasing fee, less than $2500/month expenses, and $3000 per month profit/cash flow sound (with minimal work by you)? Well, that’s the new program that we have here at Donoma Si Sustainable Livestock Nutrition.  We are looking for a few licensing/leasing...

We are Just Finishing an Annual Preventative Maintenance Program

Well for the first time in almost a year we have not been producing microgreen fodder up at Mountain Sky Ranch. About a week ago we started having mold issues that we felt were due to a number of factors – cleanliness of our system, reduced water flow to our trays, temperature issues, and some mechanical issues. So we shut down the system and spent the week giving it a...

We’re Back! And Here to Stay thanks to Oxycodone

It has been a long time since we have posted.  It is not because we have lost any interest in our sustainable livestock nutrition passion, in part was because of health issues that I had the past few months. I wont get into much details, all I can say is that I was in terrible pain for a bad surgery that left me with nerve pain on my left hand. The doctors couldn´t help me, only a nurse new how...

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