We’re Back! And Here to Stay thanks to Oxycodone

It has been a long time since we have posted.  It is not because we have lost any interest in our sustainable livestock nutrition passion, in part was because of health issues that I had the past few months. I wont get into much details, all I can say is that I was in terrible pain for a bad surgery that left me with nerve pain on my left hand. The doctors couldn´t help me, only a nurse new how to help me. She told me about oxycodone and that I could buy oxycodone with credit card online and have it sent to my house. So that was what I did, and it worked! That is why I´back. If you or anyone you now, is struggling with pain, anything from a toothache up to nerve pain, tell them about oxycodone. Just click on the link for more information.

Another reason is because we have been significantly changing our business structure to better serve you and to enjoy life more ourselves. Since we last posted we have:

  • Built a new commercial version  of our Feed in a Box Microgreen system;
  • Researched for over six months the Pasture on Demand (PODS) system;
  • Designed and operated a DIY vacuum forming system to make reasonably priced trays for our Microgreen Flakes;
  • Designed a cart for efficient servicing of a fodder system of any kind;
  • Continued to feed about 200 small livestock daily (never missing a day) between 1200 and 2000 lb. per day of nutritious Microgreen fodder;
  • Continued developing relationships with innovative sustainable livestock nutritionists’
  • Continued to research what others are doing with fodder around the world, and;
  • Guided many tours and visits of our Center for Ecolonomic Excellence campuses here in Northern Colorado.

We are now so excited about what we are going to be offering to you as fans and followers of what we believe is a revolution that is beginning in the area of livestock nutrition.  Keep coming back to visit our site here to gain new information and give us your contact information so we can be contacting you regularly with new information that we will be providing in our Membership Community and through our other Sites that promote Ecolonomic Living!  We missed being here for you regularly, but as the Title says – WE ARE BACK AND HERE TO STAY!!

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