You can buy Microgreen Fodder Flakes from Us!!

You can buy Microgreen Fodder Flakes from Us!!

News Flash!!

Donoma Si Feed in the Box is now selling individual microgreen fodder flakes from our northern Colorado.  Yes, individual flakes.  You do not have to buy a system or build a system.  Have a few rabbits – buy one flake a week.  Have a dozen chickens – buy one flake a day.  Have two horses – buy two flakes a day.  How cool is this?

We are now a vending machine for the best livestock food available here in Berthoud, Colorado. You can buy one flake, buy one a day, buy ten a day, or buy one just to try it.  There are no contracts or obligations, just the chance to buy this amazing livestock feed consistently, or even just to give it a try.

We think this is a first here in America.  If it isn’t, we are not sure who else is doing it.  If you can buy your lunch from a vending machine, why shouldn’t you be able to buy your fresh livestock feed from our special type of vending machine?

We have 15-20 lb. flakes of wheatgrass available right now that you can just pick up, take home and feed to your animals.  You can even use our trays for transportation and storage if you would like (with a small deposit).

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