Nourishbody1The Center for Ecolonomic Excellence and Development (CEED), LLC, provides a number of services for the Donoma Si Sustainable Livestock Nutrition program that can add value to livestock producers or those with livestock nutrition



  • Fee for services consulting for innovative livestock feeding solutions, including the hydroponic or aquaponic production of micro-greens (fodder), customized sprouting strategies, optimizing pasture usage, innovative building and watering devices, etc;
  • Risk/reward consulting services for large projects where we can clearly help you make money using innovative strategies;
  • Our unique Sustainable Livestock Nutrition education program that is packed with videos, general system plans, pdfs, audios, webinars, mastermind groups, and much, much more to add value to your feeding programs;
  • Custom research and development for you for ideas or concepts that you might have regarding livestock nutrition that will help you in your entrepreneurial efforts;
  • Licensing partnerships for our unique Feed in A Box aquaponic/hydroponic micro-green livestock feeding systems where you can make exceptional financial returns without having to bear the entire expense of ownership, and;
  • Customized construction of innovative livestock feeding systems including our Feed in a Box shipping container systems, or small systems you could put in your basement or garage.

999555_183805635141412_1121705946_nWe believe we have a knowledge base regarding livestock feeding and nutrition that is second to none.  We are not biased towards systems we have designed or built.  We will be totally honest with you about all the options there are in the technology area, and will evaluate honestly and candidly any option that you are considering.

We know there are many better feeding alternatives today to traditional dry lot hay feeding or even traditional pasture use.  We also know that your needs are unique to you and we want to work with you in a unique way.  Even though we provide consulting we are farmers and ranchers ourselves and we take a prinicipal attitude about advise we give rather than the attitude of “an expert coming from 25 mile away with a briefcase”.  We would much rather work with you on a risk/reward basis as “partners” than on a fee for services time and materials basis.

We really should get together to see what the best fit for us with you would be.  You can reach us in a number of different ways:

  • Schedule a 30 minute free consultation by going to our automated scheduling site at
  • Call us at 303-495-3705
  • email us at
  • Schedule a visit at one of our campuses by calling or emailing

We are convinced there is a better way (cheaper and more nutritious) to feed our livestock that what we all have traditionally used.  Let us talk with you about our thoughts that will give you great value.


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