We have added a Dehumidifier to our System

Well, we keep producing between 1000 and 1200 pounds of micro-greens a day from our Feed in A Box system at Mountain Sky Ranch.  We took micro-greens with us to two regional alpaca shows the last two weekends and enjoyed the results we observed from our animals in their feeding.  We also had numerous comments and questions about what we are growing and feeding.  It is exciting. One of the small...

Wheat Does not Like Cold Like Barley Does!

First, I hope none of you are being affected too badly by the storm on the east coast.  We have you all in our prayers!  Second, and much less important, but relevant, we have been seeing first hand in our Commercial Feed in a Box system here at the Ranch that Wheat does not like cold as much as barley does.  This is not a surprise, but it does impact production in our system.  As we have said,...

What are the Water Needs of These Fodder Systems?

To be sustainable, an agricultural process needs to meet a number of criteria. One of these criteria  is related to water consumption.  The micro-green (fodder) production needs to be  much less consumptive of water than the traditional hay production process. There are basically three different general types of micro-green systems: Aquaponic systems – water recirculates,  is treated and...

Feed In A Box – Northern Colorado Micro-Greens (sometimes called Fodder)

Yes we have micro-greens.  We are producing 1200-1500 lb. per day of fresh, green grass for our herd of almost 200  elite breeding alpacas and fiber goats.  And no, I did not say hydroponic fodder.  We are farmers and ranchers and to us here in “the west” fodder means silage or poor quality hay.  It brings up thoughts of the worst quality feed we could have. That is NOT what we are...

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