We are Just Finishing an Annual Preventative Maintenance Program

Well for the first time in almost a year we have not been producing microgreen fodder up at Mountain Sky Ranch. About a week ago we started having mold issues that we felt were due to a number of factors – cleanliness of our system, reduced water flow to our trays, temperature issues, and some mechanical issues.

So we shut down the system and spent the week giving it a “makeover”. We are finishing the process today and we will plant seed again for a harvest a week from now.

So what is the big deal. Why should I care. If you are reading this you probably have a system yourself or you are thinking about one. For either of those reasons you should realize that equipment/machinery will not run forever. It requires maintenance, and when it is as sophisticated as our large commercial system is, it will have to be completely shut down at times tor repairs and maintenance.

We are lucky because we have a second system we can still get our product from, but if you just have one system you should think about this need that you are going to have for your own system at some point, and plan in advance for it.

You don’t want to be surprised and have to shut down and not know where you are going to get your “greens”.

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