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Get your Feed in A Box Microgreens (fodder) from us to see how great it is!!

1412776_186075184914457_1573813821_oHave you been paying way too much for hay?  Is the quality always a huge question mark?  And, have you heard about this new feed alternative called fodder?  If you have you may have decided I can’t afford to buy one of those systems or I don’t have the time to do the work to grow that stuff!

Now you don’t have to spend a huge amount of time and money to build your own production system, you can buy 15 to 20 lb. flakes from us on a daily basis to feed your animals.  How cool is that? Yes you can get single flakes once a week for your rabbits or chickens, or 10 flakes a day for your 5 horses or cows.  You can go on vacation and not buy anything at all for a week, or you can sell your animals and not have a system sitting around you don’t use.  Yes, we have a “vending machine” for high quality, relatively low cost livestock feed – Feed in a Box Microgreens (fodder).

We are beginning a program to roll out these production systems throughout the world, but you have to start somewhere, so currently this really cool opportunity is available in:

  • Northern Colorado at our 901 S CR 31 Berthoud, Colorado 80513

You can order in advance and get discounts and have a guaranteed feed supply, or you can get it as you need it (if available) on a day to day basis.  Currently we are selling individual flakes (15-20 pounds each) of luscious green micro-greens for $4.00 each, with discounts for larger quantities or longer term ordering.


We are also looking for licensee  partners to roll this program out worldwide.  Please CLICK HERE if this is something about which you would like more information.

Don’t let this amazing opportunity go by.  Your animals deserve the best feed they can get so they can perform better for you!!


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