Are Your Livestock Ready For Summer?

Are Your Livestock Ready For Summer?

Summer Livestock Care Tips And Considerations


Raising livestock as pets or on a farm during the summer months is always a challenge. You have several different factors that you will be competing with, but the main one is the heat and unpredictability of the daily temperature.


With that being the case, it can easily go from being a great season to one that sees you lose all of your animals in a single day. To avoid this from happening to you on your farm you should know some summer livestock care tips and considerations to make sure your animals are safe from being harmed when the summer heat really kicks up!

Summer means trouble for livestock

Heat in the summer months is a major consideration that you need to make. While you may think the heat is perfectly fine, you need to realize that is because you can retreat to an air conditioned house in most cases.


However farm animals do not have this luxury so you should use some fans, water buckets, and for your pigs if you cannot have them dig out a waller like they normally would, you can put in a metal tub for them to lay down in and rest in.


Thunderstorms are another problem that tends to come up quite often in the middle of the summer months. Yes, you usually will get warning that they are coming so this gives you time to try to get your animals to shelters, but you need to provide adequate shelter from the weather for the animals.

Summer Thunderstorms

Their was a farm recently that had an entire herd of cattle killed when they were eating out of a metal hay ring in the middle of a pasture while it was thunderstorming. Now these animals did have an adequate protection, but if you want to keep your animals you need to check on them when a storm is rolling in because some animals will want to stay out to the last minute.


Watering is an issue that you can encounter problems with. Yes, it is difficult to take water out to the pastures on a regular basis and even if you have water taps close by it does not mean it is any easier.


However, you should make sure you have plenty of fresh water available to your animals, even if it means having to do the difficult job of dragging out water buckets by hand to make sure your livestock have plenty to drink. Remember, if you go without water you turn on the tap to get a drink, but the livestock does not have this luxury.


ConclusionSummer Livestock


When you decide that you are going to get some livestock, it’s hard to realize how much responsibility you will really be taking on. To help counter this, you will also need to learn quite a bit of information before and after your purchases. The main piece of information you should learn is some summer livestock care tips and considerations. With these being brought to your attention, it will be easier for you to excel at properly taking care of your animals and be prepared for whatever the summer seasons may bring your way.


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