Microgreens – Evolution in Livestock Nutrition for our Possible Existence

Microgreens – Evolution in Livestock Nutrition for our Possible Existence

Chefs these days are waiting in anticipation for tiny plants. Why this much excitement you ask? Were tiny plants not present a century ago? What’s NEW? It is the concept of Microgreens which is getting this praise and delirious reviews today. This fuss is about the first leaves developed on the plant – the tiny plants which are harvested at 10 -12 days, small and gentler than baby lettuces. They are fresh for any dish and bring in the pulsating taste and beautiful shade.

Now that Chefs like it, you will like it; obviously. But where is the “world changing” idea there?  That would be extending the nutrition of microgreens from the user to the producer.   Why stop at feeding them to yourself when we can easily feed our livestock with this nutrition as well? There are already farmers worldwide feeding this nutrition packed microgreen fodder to their herds.  In the end, these animals are the ones who will feed you for next thousand years. You feed them right and they will make you live longer, feed them wrong and you will not make it to the next thousand years.

We deviated from the path in last few decades and started using unsustainable strategies to feed our animals. Such examples can be cattle feedlots, industrial chicken production or horses eating pelleted grain.

Cancer can be caused by (GMO) Genetically Modified Corn which is being fed to Feedlot cattle (most of the beef consumed in the United States comes from such feedlots). Chicken production is being carried on by the use of steroids and food additives, known for many medicals issues. And horses are suffering from maladies because they are fed pelleted grains, which is not even biologically suited to them.

It is about time that we start thinking about this seriously, as it will affect our existence in future.

Microgreen Fodder is our best option for sustainable and nutritious livestock.  Hydroponic Systems can be used to grow a range of grasses and microgreen fodder. It costs a lot less and can be economical in longer run.

How to Grow your Own Hydroponic System to Feed Livestock

All you need is seeds, trays and sunlight and some water to grow those seeds.fodder

  • Find Seeds that will sprout well.
  • Sanitize your Trays with bleach.
  • Add a full spoon of bleach into a gallon of water and shake.
  • Use the water with bleach mix to sponge down all the trays and tools that will be used for sprouting.
  • Rinse your seeds with a cup of hydrogen peroxide. Do it for 12 to 15 minutes.
  • Soak the treated seeds overnight with clean water to mold it off. This will kill all the bacteria and germs.
  • Now take a pound of seed, this will be enough for 5-7 pounds of fodder.
  • Place the seeds in the trays and fill them an inch with water.
  • Add liquid nutrients with water to get better results.
  • Put trays of seeds on each other to utilize more space.
  • Keep them safe for a week to get the harvested fodder.
  • Feed this fodder to your livestock for better

A wide variety of grasses and small plants or Microgreens can be harvested through Hydroponic systems. Such grasses can include corn, barley or wheat in trays and can be produced in very short time mostly less than a week.

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Hope you found our article useful. You could grow luscious, highly digestible  micro-green grasses Click here to get DIY plans for proven livestock feeding systems. Please contact us at 303-495-3705 or Click here to book a meeting with us if you have any questions or comments.  

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Source: Sustainable Livestock Nutrition

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    We want to set up dairy in Uttrakhand hills, BAGWALI POKHAR IN ALMORA DIstt. Where green fodder is difficult to get. We want this hydrophonic technology.

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