Why Care?

cattlefodderWhy should you care about sustainable livestock nutrition? Haven’t we been feeding livestock pretty capably for thousands of years?

We have been feeding livestock around the world for as long as animals have been domesticated, but it only in the last 40 – 50 years that we have moved away from methods that were used for feeding for thousands of years and are now feeding using unsustainable strategies, read more at https://www.anipots.com/ (cattle feedlots, industrial chicken production, horses eating pelleted grain).  Feedlot cattle are eating Genetically Modified Corn (GMO) that are known to cause cancer and other diseases.  Standard chicken production includes the use of steroids and other food additives that are also known to create medical issues, and horses are not suited biologically to be eating pelleted grain and thus are suffering from maladies such as foundering and ulcers.

We have to do something different.  We cannot continue to feed our livestock in the ways we currently do.  That is why we should care!DCIM100SPORT

Through our Donoma Si Sustainable Livestock Nutrition Program we are going to teach and provide priceless information about alternative nutritional strategies and methods that you can use to feed your animals.  You will learn the what’s, why’s and how to’s.  We will interview and you will be able to ask questions of world renown nutrition experts.  You will get DIY plans for proven livestock feeding systems (aquaponic/hydroponic micro-green//fodder systems, customized seed sprouting menus, algal feed production).

We know there will be exceptional value for you. Fill out the forms to the right if you would like to be on a list to get more information.  We value your privacy and we will never share your information with others.



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