We have added a Dehumidifier to our System

Well, we keep producing between 1000 and 1200 pounds of micro-greens a day from our Feed in A Box system at Mountain Sky Ranch.  We took micro-greens with us to two regional alpaca shows the last two weekends and enjoyed the results we observed from our animals in their feeding.  We also had numerous comments and questions about what we are growing and feeding.  It is exciting.

One of the small challenges we have had in our commercial system is the build up of condensation on the walls and ceiling of our production unit.  These water droplets were both visually unacceptable and potential sources of contamination (mold, fungus, etc.) that we wanted to eliminate.  About one week ago we added a residential dehumidifier unit to our production unit and we have now almost completely eliminated all condensation.  This unit is designed to extract up to 70 liters of water from the air daily.  We are discharging this moisture from the air right back into our water storage and supply system so it is sustainably being retained in our enclosed system. How cool is that?

We are getting very close to starting our series of webinars and live question and answer sessions about micro-greens and other sustainable livestock nutrition topics.  We want to get as much feedback and insight as we can from folks like you that are interested in challenging the old paradigms of livestock nutrition and health.  We can do better in our care and feeding.  Call us at our offices (303-495-3705) or schedule a brief talk with me to learn more.

  1. Norm Johnson says:

    Great information regarding humidity control;

    look forward to the new educational/informational materials that you all are working on;

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