Fodder System Update – Sustainable Feed & Grains For Farm Animals

Fodder System Update – Sustainable Feed & Grains For Farm Animals

The weather outside stays cold near freezing in the winter and it becomes difficult for farms animals to graze and feed from the pastures during the winter. Fodder production system that we are using has proven effective in growing commercial feed for the animals. We have been successful in growing barley in the cooler temperatures.

Our feed in a box system is useful for feeding several types of farm animals such as horses, cattle, sheep, poultry, and even rabbits or any other similar animals. Because of higher nutrient values, you can expect a higher farm production through the feed in a box fodder system. Consider the price of hay today, which can run up to $400 a ton, your best option for feeding farm animals are through micro-greens.

Our feed in a box system is successfully producing 1200 pounds of micro-greens per day using all organic and sustainable methods and keeping our temperature in the production units to at an average of 650 F.  Although our wheat production dips during the winter, we have been getting 16% more production of barley, which gives us a 6.1 multiplier of seed planted to harvest. We have also been able to keep our system much warmer than we efeed for farm animalsexpected.

Many part of the country is suffering from shortage of fodder supply with limited rain and heat during the summer. Our engineers have developed a system that grows micro-greens effectively in our system which requires minimal supplemental heat. We keep our system heated through lights, large mass of water and higher quality insulation that does not allow heat to escape.

You can buy Donoma Si Feed in the Box directly from us, according to your needs. You can buy individual micro-green fodder feeds, so depending on what kind of animal you have, you could buy two flake a day to feed two horses, or buy one flake a week to feed a few rabbits.  We have been able to produce 1000 to 1200 pounds of micro-greens daily using our Feed in A Box system at our Mountain Sky Ranch in Colorado. We have also enjoyed watching the animals feed on our fodder from our in a box system.

Recently our systems are most scientific and sustainable. We have eliminated all sources of water deposits in our system through dehumanize which also eliminates mold and fungus from our system.

b15nature_plants080We were able to design a system which is profitable, cost effective and sustainable, and are also glad to share our knowledge with anyone who is interested in growing their own fodder through our system. We are planning to launch an online Sustainable Livestock Nutrition course which anyone can benefit from, so do keep an eye on our publications regularly.

We could be the first ones in America to produce sustainable livestock nutrition in the USA that is cost effective, and easy to use and very easy to buy from our special vending machines available here in Berthoud, CO. that has fresh food for your livestock.


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