Sustainable Methods Of Farming And Providing Nutrition To Livestock

Sustainable Methods Of Farming And Providing Nutrition To Livestock

The term sustainable agriculture refers to methods of farming in which the environment is not disturbed or harmed. When we produce food in sustainable methods we do not disturb the ecological balance in the environment and we do not add any harmful chemicals or toxic compounds into the nature, meaning all the elements in the sustainable method of farming is derived from organic compounds. In this method of agriculture, healthful food can be produced and human health and the environment is also protected.

When providing nutrition for the livestock, the same process can be applied.  Farmers raising animals in sustainable methods do not add any toxic chemicals or harmful ingredients in the food or in the environment. Some of the ranchers and farmers are aware of the environmental issues and they use sustainable methods for livestock farming. Livestock farmers today are also becoming more and more environmentally conscious. There are also some researchers and environmental professionals involved in livestock farming for research purposes. For any environmentally conscious person, it is important to understand that we need to ensure that the resources that we have and the world that we live in will continue to provide for us and for our future generations to come.

sustainable farming

Pasture with trees and shrubs

sustainable farming

Pasture without trees or shrubs

The new methods of sustainable livestock farming

There have been many new researches carried out recently to improve the biodiversity of farm lands and the welfare of the animals to feed the animals adequately through sustainable methods. One recent study done in the Cambridge University shows that pastures containing shrubs and trees provides more variety of edible shoots and leaves for the animals results in more quality meat and other animal products.

Sustainable farmingThe new system called the silvopastoral system has been found effective in increasing the overall meat production, milk and other useful animal products in farms. This system combines forestry and grazing lands for animals. Along with providing more variety of nutrients for the animals, this system also improves the quality of the environment.


Feeding livestock with edible beans

There are many different types of edible beans and soy beans that can be fed to the livestock for increased protein in their diet. The grains of the beans are sometimes broken or otherwise unsuitable for human consumption, and hence, they can be sorted, collected and fed to the cattle. This can be a high protein diet for the livestock at a lower cost. It has been reported that some types of soy beans contain a high level of fat, which is not ideal for humans, but might be perfect for milk producing cattle. Roasted soy beans are also good for cows used for dairy products.

Permaculture for taking the farms to the next level

Permaculture is the latest technology in farming which is making many farmers to shift from the traditional farming methods. This method of farming is designed to preserve the nature while maximizing the farm products through ecological agriculture and environmental science and technology. The basics of the permaculture are to care for the earth, care for the human well being and return the surplus backphoto_19587_20110218 to the earth. This allows all life forms to coexist and multiply naturally.

It is very important that we care for the earth because without a sustainable environment and the provision for the nature to grow naturally human prosperity will not be possible.

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