New Year’s Resolution Animal Welfare & Farm Animal Care All Year Long

New Year’s Resolution Animal Welfare & Farm Animal Care All Year Long

No matter how technically advanced or modern we get, our lives will always depend a whole lot on the environment, agriculture and farm animals. The animal products that we get make a major portion of our food, and we also use several animal products such as leather, ivory, fur, and so on in our daily life.

New Year is the perfect time to make a resolution to be nice to animals. Making a few promises about animal welfare this year can really make a big difference and also make you a better person. There are many ways to help animals this year. Your commitment to save animals and pledge to work towards animal welfare could save thousands of animals as well as provide treatment, shelter, food and other necessities for them. We have got several ideas listed below to help the farm animals this year.

1.     Choose alternatives to animal products:

animal welfareBy choosing alternative to animal products, such as using artificial fur coats, plastic instead of ivory, eating alternative to meat, poultry and dairy products can help the animals reduce their sufferings. There are alternatives found for every product, from ice cream to hot dogs in the market today, so omitting animal products from your diet don’t necessarily mean you will have to go without your favorite foods.

2.  Avoid products that promote animal cruelty

Avoid buying products that has been tested on animals. We should also be aware as consumers about companies that practice harmful methods on animals. So, buy products form cruelty free companies. Look for the “jumping bunny” logo on products. If you are not sure about a company, ask the dealers about it.

3.  Prepare vegetarian food whenever possible

Throw a party with mouth watering vegetarian food. It’s the only way you can convince others to eat more vegetables, something your body needs more often.

cleaner wildlife4. Cleanup wildlife

Help the wild animals by making sure that we don’t trash everywhere. Cleaning up the wildlife will help the environment to stay clean and safe for the wild life. We need to be careful when we camp outside or make a cookout to put the fire out, not to throw any chemicals or oil out in the fields and cleanup after ourselves.

5. Educate about animal rights

Educate yourself as well as others about issues related to animal rights and welfare of the animals. Knowledge about animal rights and welfare is essential for every individual. You can learn about animal facts and increase your understanding on animals. You may also educate other by volunteering more often with the animal rights activists. No matter where you are you will always find causes to participate in, whether it is a national, local, or remote event.

6. Play with animals more

play with animalsInteract with animals as much as you can. Play with your pet animals as well as with farm animals. It builds a connection with animals in any way you can. Playing with your pets and other animals also relieves stress and makes you healthier.  Showing kindness to animals is showing respect to Mother Nature, so make them feel as comfortable as possible.

7.     Connect with other animal lovers

Find people with similar passion for animal as yourself. This would expand your social circle as well as help you to get your message across better. Visit animal shows and other events, and see what difference it makes in your life and happiness.

8.     Adopt animals

Many of the animal shelters face overpopulation problems. Try to adopt animals that you know you can handle and take good care of. if you find stray animals or abandoned pets, take them under your custody and find a proper home if you can. Never trust animals with strangers or advertise free giveaway animals because they might fall into wrong hands. Give-up pets only if you can find a nice home for them.

Let your voice be heard

Speak up for animals wherever and whenever you see animal rights being violated. There are several ways you can make your voice be heard. Find government agencies or shelters that help animal rights. Find animal rights activists that work for animal welfare in your community. Your local firefighters and authorities are usually great help when it comes to fighting animal cruelty.

So no matter what your resolutions are this year, include animal welfare in it, and you will make yourself a better person, a better parent and make the planet a better place to live.

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