Interesting Farm Animal Christmas Stories Role Of Farm Animals

Interesting Farm Animal Christmas Stories Role Of Farm Animals

Hope everyone had a marvelous Christmas. Most of our food for Christmas comes from livestock and farm animals or animal products. We get about 30% of daily food from some kind of farm animal products such as milk, meat, eggs, fertilizer for crops, feed for fish, etc. In our previous blog, we posted some interesting facts about farm animals. So it would be nice if we learn some of the interesting farm animal Christmas stories, and find out about the role of farm animals and livestock for the Christmas.

farm animal cows

  • Cows, oxen and horses have supposedly warned baby Jesus with their breath, and so many farmers include farm animals with their Christmas celebration.
  • It is common in some regions of England and among Polish farmers to gather in a barn and drink to the farm animals’ health. Some farmers feed bread to their cows and horses. Farmers in Italy light up their barns with candles on the Eve of Christmas. It is also customary in Norway to feed the cows salt from a cowbell, so that they would be able to get home in the dark.
  • Many farmers in the USA and Europe believe that farm animals are able to speak on the Christmas Eve.
  • Buzzing bees are believed to be buzzing lullabies on the Christmas Eve, and so many farmers in England place a piece of holy on the hives on the day before Christmas.
  • In Pennsylvania, the settlers from Germany believe that bees would come out to sing their lullabies on Christmas Day, no matter how fast the snow fell or how cold the Christmas Day was.
  • The legend has it that the three wise men rode on camels when they followed the star that showed them the way to the baby Jesus. Camels are still used today by people in the desert for transportation and the legend of camel is still to be found being featured in Christmas stories and poems.
  • In Sweden, it is said that goats will butt any children who misbehaves, and therefore, Scandinavian parents often place a goat made of chocolate among the gifts for their children as a reminder. Children of Norway also leave a plate of food for the goat to eat on the Christmas Day.
  • The idea of reindeer pulling the sky chariot is relatively new. Before the nineteenth century, great white horses pulled the sledge of Santa. In 1821 it was made popular by an American poet that Santa comes in a sky chariot pulled by reindeer. A bible scholar wrote a poem the following year for his children, where the name of all eight reindeer first appeared. They were named Dancer Dasher, Vixen, Prancer, Cupid, Comet, Blitzen, and Donner.
  • Rudolph, the famous red nosed reindeer was created by Robert L May in 1939. Ten year later, it was made popular by a singer Gene Autry, who recorded a song based on that. Rudolph is considered the Santa’s most favorite and the ninth reindeer of the fleet.


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