Growing up on Organic Farm Gives You Stronger Immune System

Growing up on Organic Farm Gives You Stronger Immune System

There is something healthy about growing up on a farm. It not only makes you feel good, but people who grow up on farms often grow up with healthier immune system and better resistance to diseases.  

German and Swedish studies have found that there is something about the organic farm environment that makes us more immune to diseases. We could become immune to some of the common diseases like allergies, asthma, and pneumonia.

Scientists in Denmark monitored and compared several cases of ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease among children growing up on farms to urban dwellers. The study has found that urban dwellers were twice as likely to get infected with inflammatory bowel diseases as people who grew up on a farm and interacted with animals.

“Researches done in Germany, Sweden, and Denmark affirm that there’s something healthy about growing up on a farm with livestock” –

Aarhus University associate professor and study author Vivi Schlunssen was extremely excited about these recent findings. It seems as though we can become immune to most of the classic inflammatory diseases depending on the environment that we are exposed to in our early childhood.

“We know that development of the immune system is finalized in the first years of our lives, and we suspect that environmental influences may have a crucial effect on this development. The place where you grow up may therefore influence your risk of developing an inflammatory bowel disease later in life.” – Vivi Schlunssen |

According to the researchers, the reason why people growing up in a farm grow tolerance and immunity against many disease is that they are being exposed to a wide variety of microbes since birth. It’s nature’s way of making us tolerant to most food and bronchial allergies while minimizing inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

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Environmental factors are becoming more important in raising healthy children. Children who were in close proximity to nature tend to grow up and develop higher levels of intelligence, physical endurance, and resilience compared to city dwellers. On the other hand, toxic chemicals and pollution tend to retard physical and mental development in children.

In another recent study, a connection between families with autistic spectrum disorders or learning disabilities and toxic chemicals used on farms was discovered. They discovered that one-third of the autistic children were living in areas within a mile of heavily sprayed fields when the mothers gave birth.

Most of the healthy children in the experiment were brought up in small farms that used non-toxic pesticides and herbicides. There is no doubt that those kids would get sick from contaminated soil, well water without proper water well testing, pesticide residue, and water and airborne toxins.

Why not visit a farm this summer?

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Source: Sustainable Livestock Nutrition

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